Chronic pain exercises and bodywork in San Mateo, CA

Natural Fitness and Chronic Pain Relief

At our cozy and quiet Pilates wellness and bodywork studio we offer gentle and safe therapeutic movement-based programs. Our methods are based on Pilates and Feldenkrais modalities.

We, Olga and Mark, have been helping our clients overcome lingering chronic pain and discomfort since 2001. We pay a lot of attention to individual needs and work with clients of all levels, from recovering athletes, chronic pain sufferers to regular wellness-oriented enthusiasts.


Pilates exercises for chronic pain relief are great for posture and muscle tone

Pilates method

Pilates is good for rebuilding strength, balance and mobility. We integrate Pilates exercises with ABM work to amplify and reinforce its benefits. Our clients learn to overcome shoulder pain, knee pain and other conditions in a natural and fun way. We offer private, semi-private and small group Pilates sessions at our fully equipped studio in San Mateo, CA. Read more about Pilates.

Runners practice Pilates exercises to improve gate and help recover after injuries and other chronic pain relief

Feldenkrais-based method (ABM modality)

Anat Baniel Method of Feldenkrais (Neuro-Movement®) has proven to be very effective for various neuromuscular conditions, chronic pain relief and functional improvement. It includes both hands-on sessions along with exercise classes for adults and children. Read more about Feldenkrais and ABM.
Anat Baniel Method for Chronic Pain Relief in Neck and Shoulder

Sedentary lifestyle and occupation-related conditions

A Sedentary lifestyle adds a big risk factor for many physical and neurological injuries in addition to other problems that come with prolonged sitting or other repetitive activity. In order to successfully help clients, Mark integrates all our methods as part of a full transformation from a “chronic sitter” with aches, pains and lack of energy to a pain-free, agile and successful client.

Natural chronic pain relief

Our core principle is not to force any improvements. Most of the people with chronic conditions are not ready to be “fixed” because they are not the same as they used to be. Unfortunately, that is what chronic conditions do to us.

The focus of our work is to acquire new movement patterns and reacquire long-lost skills. We have very powerful and world-recognized training techniques to help us.