Aches and pains during pregnancy

Aches and pains during pregnancy

I have been working with Olga for over a year now learning the Anat Baniel Method and I really feel transformed. I first starting experiencing aches and pains back in high school- first my knees, then my lower back, then eventually my upper back. I did physical therapy, but eventually just gave up doing many activities because no matter how much I exercised and stretched, I would feel those pains return if I ran, for example, or even just knelt down. Since I began seeing Olga, the pains have really disappeared. I was able to run my first half marathon. I started playing volleyball again. I no longer stretch, or even feel the need to stretch. I’m now 8 months pregnant and attribute my lack of the typical aches and pains that most pregnant women complain of to the fact that I still have weekly lessons with Olga. I’m so thankful for Olga and would recommend anyone who has ever suffered a nagging injury or even just “regular” aches and pains to give the Anat Baniel Method a try, because there is no reason to ever have aches and pains be considered regular.

– Kristen A.

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