Arthritis in San Mateo, CA

After back surgery

Working with Olga seemed like a very good physical therapy. I had such good results that I brought my 85-year-old mother after she had two back surgeries. She, like me, now thinks of back pain as an unusual occurrence!

– Margaret L.

Exercises for Arthritis and after joint surgery

Arthritis is a condition that is not only chronic and difficult to manage, but it is also preventing sufferers to do other activities. It’s hard to stay in shape and continue active lifestyle when joints hurt. It is very similar situation for those recovering from joint surgeries.

What many clients with arthritis gain after Pilates and Feldenkrais sessions is that movements become less painful, easier and more enjoyable. This by itself sets a good environment for further healing.

How does a combination of Pilates and Feldenkrais help arthritis sufferers?

  • Muscle balance and distribution of effort
  • Improved range of motion
  • Better awareness that helps control pain during movement
  • Overall feeling of ease during movement that fosters healing process

Pilates exercises for arthritis and joint pain

Pilates exercises are build on a concept of a very controlled and balanced resistance that helps manage load while continuing building strength and muscle tone. The resistance can be gradually adjusted based on individual movement patterns, strength and level of awareness. This ensures that the client does not feel any discomfort in troublesome areas while not developing negative compensatory patterns.

Feldenkrais-based movements for arthritis and joint pain

Feldenkrais-based approach is based on re-learning new ways of movement in a natural way. If a person is recovering from surgery or has a chronic condition, such as arthritis, the most typical situation is a development of poor movement patterns/habits. The longer this condition persists the deeper the negative compensatory patterns are engraved into us. Our nervous system becomes rewired to do these suboptimal limited movements. This becomes an obstacle to healing and also creates new issues in other, often unexpected areas. For example, an arthritis in the knee joint may cause issues with the lower back, neck etc.

Feldenkrais is all about relearning how to move and rewiring our nervous system to teach us again how to move better and more naturally, helping overcome limitations in a way that speeds up recovery without introducing new issues.

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