Shoulder Pain in San Mateo, CA

Dealing with chronic shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain in San Mateo, CA

I’m grateful for Mark’s instruction which allowed me to continue exercising while I was dealing with chronic shoulder pain. I now rarely feel any of the old aches. I would recommend Mark as an instructor for anyone dealing with injuries or other constraints.

– Alison S.

Exercises for shoulder pain and stiffness

There are plenty of exercises designed to help with shoulder injuries, stiffness and pain. However, many may aggravate the situation. Often, chronic shoulder pain causes more problems in other parts of the body, like neck and lower back. So what can one do to reduce the pain without causing more harm or major setbacks in the exercise routine?

  • Modify exercises and daily movements to avoid pain
  • Reduce range of motion
  • Slow down
  • Pay close attention to your movements
  • Avoid forcing your movements

Modified Pilates exercises

Pilates exercises can improve range of motion and strength while dealing with chronic shoulder pain. Many exercises can be modified to ensure the most optimal movements with an even load distribution throughout the body. In addition, we recommend using many exercise variations to further promote pain reduction and healthy movement habits.

Feldenkrais-based movements

Our bodies’ natural response to injury, pain and stress causes us to “freeze” some body parts (like spine, ribcage, pelvis etc.) to reduce pain. Initially, this helps. However, in the long term we develop unhealthy movement patterns that, ironically, prevent full recovery, cause a chronic condition and, sometimes, additional injuries and pain in other areas of the body. Feldenkrais Method and its modalities such as ABM (Anat Baniel Method) help discover and learn healthier ways of movement to reduce or relieve pain, also to prevent flare-ups and future injury.

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