Mark’s story

mark-lubarskyMark has been a self-improvement enthusiast since his early childhood. His main focus now is helping people with sedentary lifestyle and various repetitive patterns and habits. His personal transformation inspired him to choose this rewarding path. Since his early teen years, Mark has been looking for ways to offset the damage caused by his sedentary lifestyle. As a professional board game player and a software engineer he has suffered headaches, eye strain, back and neck pain and a constant discomfort along with an overall feeling of early aging. Through Yoga, Aikido, Pilates and then a profound intensive training in Anat Baniel/Feldenkrais approach, Mark has completely turned his life around. This motivated him to help people who struggle with prolonged sitting habits or other repetitive patterns. Mark is certified Pilates instructor in 2002. He completed 450 hours of Anat Baniel Method/Feldenkrais from Anat Baniel in 2011 and has also studied Ericksonian method from Dr. Eric Greenleaf at the Milton Erickson Institute of the Bay Area.

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