Olga’s Story

olga-lubarskyOlga was raised in the family of a well-respected Orthopedic Doctor. She observed her grandmother saving injured patients on a daily basis. Olga grew passionate about helping those in pain, which brought her to this profession. After years of Pilates instruction, Olga was inspired by the power of ABM method and found ways to integrate two methods. It was that unique combination that helped her recover from her own chronic injuries. Olga then went to study further and made working with Children with Special Needs one of her areas of focus. Anat Baniel Method has proven to be very effective with children and she received Children Mastery level in ABM. Olga also studied pre- and post- natal exercises and is a certified Pilates instructor in 2002. She completed a 756 hours of training with Anat Baniel 2009-2012, including Children’s Mastery certification. At our studio, Olga is offering Functional Synthesis(™) lessons (hands-on work), Transformational Movement Lessons(™) and Pilates.

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