Recovery from a very painful pinched nerve

Recovery from a very painful pinched nerve

Last year I had a very painful pinched nerve in my neck, and I was incapacitated for a few weeks. I tried painkillers…, acupuncture and chiropractic, but they were limited in their effectiveness. Then my supervisor at work recommended Olga to me… I found Olga to be a very positive, reassuring and caring practitioner. She explained the (Anat Baniel) method very clearly… I felt slight improvement after a couple of sessions, and a significant improvement after a few weeks. I felt not just a reduction in pain but also a tangible difference in the way my arms, hips and legs all felt in my walking and my daily movements. I became more aware of the subtleties of the way I move that I never noticed before, and how I can positively affect those movements. I found Olga’s skills to be effective, consistent and impressive. I am much better now… Olga Lubarsky and the Anat Baniel method have been a blessing in my life!

– Peter Bartok

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